Sublime Grooming Emporium

By Theresia Tjihenuna
September 2012
The atmosphere that greets me as I enter the room is divine. There is an aura of spirituality and relaxation and soothing music in the background, with a few scented candles burning in a quiet corner of the room.

But make no mistake, this is not another temple of the gods, rather, this is where overworked professionals come and unwind from a week of aching muscles and sore-heels caused by the daily stresses of a hectic day at the office.

This is where they come and get their piece of mind and indulge in some deep massaging, oily experience, away from the noisy traffic-lights, photocopy machines, screaming bosses and the ringing of telephones. If it pleases them, they can enjoy their relaxation sessions with a glass of their favourite drink on the side.

The Sublime Grooming Emporium, situated at the Protea Fürstenhof Hotel, Windhoek, offers an excellent escape from reality and ushers an individual into a wellness-haven. The host, 28-year-old Lindsey van Wyk, boasts a number of national and international merit certificates in the beauty and wellness field, which she acquired at the Shadonai Beauty Academy in Namibia.

In-between scheduling appointments for clients, she has her hands full with running the wellness centre single-handedly of which she has no regrets.

“I have been in the field for over three years. I first worked at the Kalahari Sands Wellness Centre under the management of Amy van Denheever and when she opened her own spa here at Protea in July last year, I joined her as manager,” Lindsey explains.

Having spent most of her days with Van Denheever, watching her run the spa, Lindsey learnt the ropes of the trade and was ready to take her first baby-steps towards becoming her own health and wellness centre boss.

When Van Denheever sold the business in February this year, Lindsey took over ownership and was ready to run with the relay. Today, she is the proud owner of the wellness sanctuary and enjoys every moment of it.

“I love looking out for the well-being of my clients by making them feel like they can relax and talk about anything with me during our sessions. I don’t believe in being too serious with clients just because I want to appear professional, clients come here to get away from that and that is the heart-to-heart experience I like to give them,” she says, adding that she sees five to six clients per day.

Lindsey says the most common treatment clients come in for is the ‘Swedish massage’.

During this form of therapy, a client is treated to a full-body massage where the host works her way from the feet to the head of the client.

“Swedish Massage is exceptionally beneficial for relaxing the entire body. It is known for improving circulation and the level of oxygen in the blood; it also slows muscle-toxins while easing tension,” she explains.

Other forms of treatments include facial massages, back and neck massages. She also specialises in body waxing, brow-shaping, facials, manicures, pedicures and anti-aging therapy.

Perhaps her most priced package is the Sublime Luxury, which costs up to N$450.

Lindsey reveals that during this package session, a client can sit through therapy for up to five hours at maximum.

“That is why I include snacks and drinks in this package,” she says.

Lindsey advices people to visit a health and wellness spa at least twice a month, because “investing in your health and well-being or spoiling yourself is not a high price to pay. Your body needs to relax after weeks of tension. Instead of buying yourself another pair of shoe, why not put aside money to spoil yourself at a wellness spa?”

Not surprising is that most of Lindsey’s clients are women but a few men pop in from time to time, with some even going in for manicures.

“There are men who are mindful of their looks, so they come in for their routinely body massages and manicures. They usually walk out of the spa with heads bowed so as not to be noticed for fear of being ridiculed for being spotted at a beauty centre,” she says but urges that men should not be afraid of embracing their feminine sides or shy away from grooming themselves.

Sublime spa is also home to a range of international products including the Gatineau product range that has become Lindsey’s personal favourite, “This range of products is suitable for the dry climate in Namibia, so I always recommend it to my clients. It’s an expensive product but you only apply a little and it does wonders, which is why it lasts longer.”

Her shelves are also packed with different kinds of oils for moistening and nourishing the skin as well as hand lotions.

Business has been a little bit slow this winter but Lindsey has a lot to do for the spring season in September when business will hopefully start booming again.

“We will be having a promotional day of a champagne breakfast in September where Anli Geldenhuys from the Gatineau product range in South Africa will be talking to my clients about the importance of keeping their skins healthy as well as a whole lot of other activities,” she said.

Although she has come a long way in the business, Lindsey admits it’s not been easy, “Competition is tough as there are a lot of young therapists opening up their own wellness centres in Windhoek these days. I’m aware of 300 day spas that currently exist around Windhoek alone but I’m keeping my head in the game.”

Recently, she gave local musician and Big Brother former housemate, Lady May a N$320-worth voucher, inviting her for a body massage as part of her promotional campaign.

She looks forward to the festive season when clients will flock at her door to decompress and detox from a stressful year. PF