TOGETHER, they do better

The Bank Windhoek’s Walvis Bay branch, still in its infancy, managed to walk away with the best overall branch award at this year’s Bank Windhoek Annual Executive Awards held last month.

Bank Windhoek marked its expansion drive in 2009 in a move to boost the coastal town’s business potential. Thus, it opened the Bank Windhoek Walvis Bay branch, which provides teller services and an ATM facility for 24-hour cash withdrawal. At the moment, it is considered to have the best services in the local banking sector.

According to branch manager, Jans Stander, without clients, no bank would exist. For that reason, he pays tribute to their loyal customers. He adds that this milestone achievement is a manifestation of the staff’s loyalty and pursuance for excellence. “They are like a gear that keeps turning; if one link breaks, no matter how small, all the gears stop functioning too, hence it is all about co-ordination and interlinking,” he says adding; “It is an honour for me and my staff members at the Walvis Bay branch to be associated with Bank Windhoek, especially because we won this prestigious award,” says Stander.

Bank Windhoek currently has more than 50 branches and agencies in Namibia. All of the branches perform excellently, Stander says. “Any of the other branches could have won the award but we were the best.”

With a staff compliment that is 100% committed and loyal, disciplined and motivated as well as immensely supportive - from the head office to the lower level management - they saw the award coming. Bank Windhoek’s mission is to make banking a rewarding experience. Clients have so far got their money’s worth. All these explain the bank’s slogan; ‘Together we do Better’. With various support services like information technology (IT), human resources (HR), quick credit decisions, availability of infrastructure and top management, success comes expectedly for this bank.

“Teamwork is the absolute beginning of success. The Walvis Bay branch staff works by our slogan; “Together we do Better” on a daily basis. This means that we continuously strive to deliver better services to our customers at all times,” reiterated Stander.

Reflecting on their recognition, Stander believes it started with their self-introspective approach to work, which is aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses in their day to day operations as a cohesive unit so as to deliver on-point services.

Walvis Bay branch’s scooping the award contributes to the already impressive track record in which Bank Windhoek boasts of an asset base in excess of US$2.08b expected to be boosted further by the impeccable services offered by the branch. If clients get value for money, they always return and invest more and this business aspect is attributed by the service delivery portrayed by the services offered by the Walvis Bay Branch.

Placing its integrity above all else and striving for continuous self-development as an institution, makes it easy for the bank to identify the components that drive the team to success. These components include communication skills, teaching and encouraging employee development, positive attitude, fairness and honesty, professional discipline and self-discipline.

According to Stander, diversity in the local banking sector started at Bank Windhoek and through the competitiveness of their products, as they offer products to all levels of society that suit its specific needs.

“Bank Windhoek’s financial statements speak for themselves. Diversity of staff is just as important. It is each manager’s responsibility to identify talent and to develop those talents into leadership skills that can be useful within the bank and the community at large. The value and power of a team lies in the diversity of that team. We can learn from each other. Each one contributes something unique to the team,” emphasises Stander.

Business operations in Bank Windhoek are guided by the following principles: Friendliness, willingness to help, empathy, professionalism, competency and efficiency, hence the Walvis Bay branch success.

Commenting on their achievements, Stander points out how their winning the award is not a once-off achievement. It is no ordinary achievement that would have been attained without dedication, hard work and teamwork, he says.

The future holds more for Bank Windhoek’s Walvis Bay branch, according to Stander. He stresses that they can only continue being the best through the bank’s values.

“We shall strive to deliver exceptional services and keep working by our slogan ‘Together we do better’,” he concludes. PF