The epitome of instant wisdom

Instant wisdom’ is the phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the ever changing ICT environment in Namibia, but what is it?

It is the concept of empowering business decision makers by giving them Instant and relevant information about their business. This information along with their business experience, Simpology believes, enables them to make ‘Wise’ business decisions. From there the concept of “Instant Wisdom”

In lay man’s terms, the core of the concept is to deliver information instantly, explains Simpology managing director, Freddie Kruger.

Simpology is a technology firm which focusses on putting solutions in place geared towards enhancing business operations.

“Simpology analyses organisational day-to-day operations and performances, design solutions which optimise their processes as well as provide information to the decision-makers. This leads to a more efficiently run business which in turn leads to an optimisation of costs.”

Since its inception in 2009, Simpology has grown into a reputable technology consultancy firm offering a one-stop approach in delivering solutions to its customers.

To further enhance Simpology’s service offerings plans are at an advanced stage to venture into technology areas that fall outside the traditional scope of ITC companies including the establishment to an electronic Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing capability.

“We need a wide variety of skills and different disciplines. IT cannot play a role on its own and with Simpology, we deliver the full spectrum of services and eventually give the information to the clientele for make decision-making,” elaborates the MD.

“We started three and a half years ago by opening our first branch in Rosh Pinah and in mid-2010, we branched to Windhoek,” highlights Kruger on how they started.

The original name comes from combining the words ‘simplifying’ and ‘technology’.

The Simpology team is made up of highly qualified and experienced Namibians with a proven track record of delivering high quality, relevant technical solutions to various sectors.

Having originated from an Information Management department of Skorpion Zinc, Simpology has been more inclined to work in familiar territories but has ventured and worked in industries of logistics, banking, telecommunications and the utility sector.

Simpology offers several products and services for mining and manufacturing companies. These range from ‘off-the-shelf’ products such as Microsoft SharePoint (used in document control and portal solutions), to products developed by Simpology such as the Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS), the Window (an information delivery system) and SHEQ.

Kruger’s in-depth knowledge of Industrial Information Systems and Project Management has helped him in one of the most successful implementations of Manufacturing Information Systems in the mining sector with clients like Skorpion Zinc.

Various development, implementation and support models have been developed by Simpology. These are all an integral part of Simpology’s solution delivery model.

Current and past clients whom they have a good track record with in terms of business include Skorpion Zinc itself, Rosh Pinah Zinc Copration, Langer Heinrich Uranium, GIPF, Bank Windhoek, CIH, Nedbank as well as the Bank of Gaborone, Botswana.

Simpology has decided to spread its wings in South Africa as well as Dubai where its consultants are already working on projects.
It has a shared vision between management and the employees, which drives its growth to take on bigger challenges of venturing into new territories.

“Namibians have the skills to advance Namibia to the level of any first world country in terms of business focus,” stresses Kruger.

On skills development, Simpology seeks to fill the gap that exists between the theoretical and practical world through training of ICT graduates; a move that could help most of the jobless Namibians grab every opportunity that knocks on their doors.

“Because we believe in the development of Namibian talent, we work with the tertiary institutions to assist where we can,” emphasises Kruger adding; “Unfortunately, it is sad to see the lack of confidence that corporate Namibia, State-owned Enterprises (SoEs) and Government have in Namibia’s expertise, leading into them hiring foreign companies for projects that could be done by locals,” laments Kruger.

For now, their main goal is to grow their business and to ensure the attainment of Vision 2030 goals. This is not only limited to Namibia but they plan to take over the ICT industry in Africa as well as the globe.

“The key to the success of our business is innovation. We actively look for new ways to do things better, smarter and more cost effectively. This enables us to deliver more value to our clients.

“Learning from our experiences and from others’ forms integral part Simpology’s values. Looking into the future and inventing solutions based on what we see makes Simpology a success,” concludes Kruger. PF