December 2012 - January 2013
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Shortly after the establishment of Oshakati Premier Electric, a Master Plan for the electrical services in the Oshakati Town was created in 2001 with the help of external consultants. This Master Plan governs the orderly implementation of new electrical services and maintenance of the existing electrical infrastructure in Oshakati. The Master Plan is also currently under review and will guide the future development and maintenance of the Electrical Infrastructure in the town.

During the implementation of the Master Plan over the past eleven (11) years, the following additional services were provided within the town borders and helped increase consumer numbers to 4700:

Reticulation Services – Connection of new Customers in
Previously Non Reticulated Areas

• The informal areas of Uupindi North and South were reticulated and electrical services provided for about 560 erven.
• In Evululuko, extensions, 10, 11 and 12, a further 320 erven were provided with electrical service.
• The informal area of Okanjengedi South had 340 erven reticulated.
• Currently planning has been completed and within the next year a further 287 erven in the Okandjengedi North area will be reticulated.

General Lighting

• During the 11 year period under review a total of forty five (45) 25m High Mast Lighting poles were put up to provide area and street lighting in the areas of Uupindi, Evululuko, Okandjengedi, Oneshila and Oshoopala.
• A further two (2) High Mast Lighting poles will be installed in the near future when suitable locations have been identified.
• The main road of Oshakati received 121 streetlights to ensure adequate street lighting.
• Other less minor street sections also received streetlights around the Yetu Complex.

Traffic Light Installations

• OPE started with the installation of Traffic Lights in Oshakati and has since installed seven (7) of these to help regulate traffic flow in town.

Electrical Industry Participation

• With the national drive to implement Time of Use metering, Oshakati has responded to the request from the Electricity Control Board and installed Time of Use meters at each of its large power users. In the forthcoming financial year, the smaller three phase users will also be provided with Time of Use meters.

• A new Quality of Supply system was installed in Oshakati and fully covers the whole town to check on events and interruptions that affect consumers. The information is also used nationally to determine the impact of national events all over Namibia.
• With industry standard metering audits the losses of OPE are 7%

• OPE is also busy looking at alternative energy sources and should be ready with recommendations in the near future.


We deliver effective and efficient electricity supply services to all customers of Oshakati, as well as plan and expand our electrical network to cope with the growing demand. We maintain good relations with our customers and render the following services:
• Power supply to the town of Oshakati
• Maintain existing infrastructure
• New connections
• Electrification
• Reconnections and disconnections of power on request
• Attend to all power failures
• Sell prepaid electricity tokens (24hrs)
• Account payments and enquiries


Oshakati Town Council took a ground breaking step in the history of local government in Namibia when it joined forces with Premier Electric (a subsidiary of NamPower) to establish a joint-venture company, Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE), in the year 2000. This was also the year in which the company became operational. OPE’s main objectives are to distribute and supply electricity and to maintain and operate the electrical infrastructure in Oshakati.

Initially, NamPower and the Oshakati Town Council had equal shareholdings in OPE. In June 2007, NamPower’s investment in OPE was settled and the Oshakati Town Council became the sole shareowner of OPE.


To be the preferred electricity distribution and supply company in all the areas in which we operate.

Mission Statement

Through effective and efficient service, to provide our customers with affordable and reliable electricity, while exceeding shareowners’ expectations, caring for our employees, and expanding our market share.


• Transparency
• Ethical business practices
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Teamwork
• Loyalty
• Excellence
• Honesty
• Commitment
• Good corporate citizenship