OUR 20 YEAR JOURNEY - Theme, logo and stamps

December 2012 - January 2013
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On the 2 August 2012 Telecom Namibia turned 20. To mark two decades of a sterling history, Telecom Namibia unveiled an anniversary theme, logo and a set of commemorative stamps.


Telecom Namibia’s anniversary theme is: “Celebrating 20 years of transformation, growth and success.”

This theme speaks volumes. Indeed it has been two eventful decades. The foundation of the company on 1st August 1992, Telecom Namibia’s perseverance during challenging phases of transformation, growth – and the successes made - have been phenomenal. Today, in 2012, it can be proudly stated that Telecom Namibia’s continuous process of innovation has helped shape the development of an entire industry in Namibia – from analogue to digital, wireline to fixed wireless to mobile, circuit switch to IP, telegraphy to multimedia, and from copper to fibre optic.

Migration from copper to fibre , from narrow-band to broadband Internet are on-going, with all their complexities fom different angles: customer offerings, products, processes, IT, quality and regulations. Meeting the increased demand for bandwidth and quality, migration of old networks and products, improving customer experience and services, and new ways of working with them through improved processes, amongst others, will be the focus during Telecom Namibia’s year-long festivities.

The shift from yesterday to today has also many other indicators. These can be described with word couples like subscribers to customers, authority to customer-centrism, monopoly to full competition, domestic to international, dialup to broadband. These have brought in a huge cultural change in terms of business orientation and service mindedness for Telecom Namibia.

Anniversary Logo

The 20th Anniversary logo features a panoramic view of the Telecom Namibia logo in a blue-coloured circle.

The traditional Telecom Namibia blue, which inspires trust and reliability, is complemented by a bright orange ring, reflecting the company’s brand personality of being open, vibrant, fresh and friendly. The lettering captures the 20th anniversary and theme.

Commemorative Stamps

The set of postage stamps were developed in partnership with Namibia Post and are a wonderful tribute to Telecom Namibia and a fitting recognition of the immense contributions the company has made to service delivery and national development. In short, the set of stamps serves as a lasting reminder - in both a great and simple way – the historical milestone reached by Telecom Namibia.

The first stamp displays a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) dish, a parabolic shaped antenna used for data transmission and broadcasting. The signals can be sent anywhere without having kilometers of cables. Thanks to VSAT today, Telecom Namibia is able to provide communication services to any individual user, farmer, rural settlement, a farthest lodge or institution anywhere in Namibia.

Fittingly, the second stamp has fibre optic cable as a way to both depict the thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable Telecom Namibia has deployed throughout the country to provide state-of-the art services and the arrival of the West African Cable System (WACS) on the Namibian shores, which was a momentous occasion for the country. This first ever undersea cable is destined to change and redefine the use of Internet in Namibia.


From day one, there has been no doubt that the name Telecom Namibia would stand for one thing above all else: Service, service and service. Today, in 2012, we can even state that our continuous process of innovation has helped us shape the development of an entire industry in Namibia.

We are proud of this!

It has been two eventful decades. From the foundation of the company on 2nd August 1992, our perseverance during challenging phases of transformation, growth – and the continuous expansion of our product range, including the move from analogue to digital to connectedness. All these have been possible when you have right strategies… great capabilities… astute leadership… formidable technologies… great products… in such diversity lies our strength and success story.

And we are grateful for it!

With the West African Cable System (WACS), we are poised to enter a new phase. The sector has opened up. Competition is here. The pressure to be more efficient is huge. However, the opportunities that this presents are equally great. We firmly believe that ICTs have become increasingly important in building the future knowledge based society. Telecom Namibia will play a central role.

We proudly look forward to it!