The International University of Management

The International University of Management (IUM) is Namibia’s first privately registered and fully accredited university.

A truly Namibian indigenous initiative, the IUM was officially launched on 26th October 2002 by H.E. Dr Sam Nujoma, the then President of the Republic. The Founding President, along with a range of dignitaries, current and former students from Namibia and beyond also played an active part in the University’s 10th anniversary celebrations in October 2012.

Starting in humble circumstances, the university has evolved from the well-established Institute of Higher Education (IHE), founded in 1994 and has grown to national and international status, touching nearly 15 different countries through its four campuses in Namibia and affiliate campuses in Malawi and South Africa. In March 2010, Dr David Namwandi, the Founder and first Vice Chancellor, was appointed as Deputy Minister of Education and the position of Vice Chancellor was filled by Virginia Namwandi, who prior to this had been the Registrar of the Institution since its inception.

Though a Not-For-Gain institution, IUM’s operations are guided by best business practice and driven by instructive strategic plans which, among other things, emphasise focus, performance, tangible results and impacts that are competitive, consistent and sustainable.

Currently, IUM operates in four locations in Namibia - in Windhoek where it has two campuses including its new Headquarters in Dorado Park, as well as its campuses in Ongwediva, Walvis-Bay and Swakopmund. Its affiliate branches are located in Malawi and South Africa. Regional negotiation is active toward expanding IUM facilities in Zimbabwe.

The present operations focus on five core areas of education, each run under faculty structure, headed by a Dean, and Heads of Department.

1. Faculty of Strategic Management and Business Administration.
2. Faculty of Information Technology, Systems and Management.
3. Faculty of HIV/Aids and Sustainable Human Development.
4. Faculty of Tourism, Travel, Events and Hospitality Management.
5. Faculty of Educational Administration and Management (To be launched during 2013).

IUM offers 34 Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA)-accredited programmes at Masters, Honours Degree, Higher Diploma, Higher Certificate and Certificate level. The university and its courses have recently undergone a successful re-accreditation of its programmes, reinforcing their quality and academic strength. IUM also offers a range of courses in association with other organisations as well as its own portfolio of short courses.

The university has a growing research focus with Masters and PhD programmes in progress and available in association/cooperation with reputable international universities. The university is a member of The Association of African Universities (AAU).

The majority of IUM`s 7000 plus students are studying its accredited Certificate to Honours Degree programmes, available on a full time or part time basis. In the popular field of strategic management and business administration it includes Business Administration, Finance Management, Human Resource Development and Management and Marketing Management. Linking with the growth areas of the Namibian economy, the university offers study in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management. Again, national priorities come into focus when looking at its programmes in HIV/Aids Management up to Masters level. Information Technology plays a strong role in all the university`s programmes but more specialised programmes in Business Information Systems and Digital Communication Technology work on providing Namibia with graduates who possess the specialist knowledge to take it forward.

The university’s students are not only from Namibia. Currently, IUM has around 400 international students representing 16 different countries from across Africa and beyond. In addition, IUM delivers a highly competitive distance education programme to another 1000 -1500 students in cooperation with the Institute for Open Learning (IOL).

Since its inception, IUM has graduated over 4,000 students with qualifications ranging from higher Certificate, Higher Diploma to Bachelors Honours, and Research Masters degrees. Tracking graduates of the University brings positive news with almost all gainfully employed in formal employment and self-employment, thus making their invaluable contribution and significant impact on the Namibian labour market as well as in several Sadc countries.

As well as studying, IUM students get involved in a range of other activities.

Despite the obvious lack of sports and re-creation facilities, currently, IUM still manages to participate in the TISAN games and has won several awards in various sports categories. IUM boasts a choir that performs in all it’s official functions and a one time prize winner in the Namibian tertiary institutions competition.

The start of 2013 sees continued growth of the university with construction of the second phase of the Dorado Park campus in Windhoek in progress to provide hostel and additional teaching facilities. Ongoing improvements are also being made in its other branches. Registration for the new year is strong but until the 28 February there is still the opportunity for late registration on the university’s wide range of courses. Anyone interested in the International University of Management or the study opportunities it offers may visit the University’s website or one of our branches. PF