Nedbank and cash in pocket.

Nedbank and cash in pocket.

Nedbank Namibia launches another first for consumers.

Imagine if Nedbank were to suddenly open hundreds of new ATMs all over Namibia, on the same day. The good news is, that’s effectively what has happened.

Nedbank Namibia is proud to offer you a new service called CashBack. This service, initially available at 15 Pick n Pay stores countrywide, signals a new era of convenience and security for Namibian consumers.

Never again will you have to search for the nearest ATM, or feel nervous about withdrawing cash at ATMs. CashBack allows anyone with any Namibian debit card to withdraw cash from their debit accounts at any Pick n Pay till, just like at an ATM.*

Here’s how CashBack works:

Let’s say you go to the till with N$ 300’s worth of groceries. You decide you’d like to walk out with N$200 in your pocket, for other uses. You request the cashier to charge an amount of N$500 to your debit account when paying – N$300 of which covers your groceries, while the cashier hands you N$200 “cashBack”. It’s that simple, secure and convenient.

CashBack is now available exclusively at Pick n Pay, but Nedbank plans to extend it to other leading retailers in the near future. It’s just the latest step in our drive to take banking services to the people, make banking accessible and convenient, and offer value through the introduction of innovative services like CashBack. We hope you find CashBack an easy, useful addition to your lifestyle, and we’re not done yet. Expect more from Nedbank soon – and let’s keep making things happen together.

* A purchase must be made at Pick n Pay in order to use the CashBack facility. Terms and conditions apply.