Namibian Institute of Mining & Technology

By prime Focus Reporter
May 2013
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Who are we?

As a gift to Namibia for attaining political independence, Rio Tinto Zinc International had initially promised to establish a mining school for Namibia in Namibia.

This school would be a more comprehensive institute. It has since developed to be the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) that trains young Namibians in the technical skills required by the local mining, engineering and other industries.

Our youth needs to develop the necessary life competencies that would enable them to successfully engage in all aspects of life. The NIMT thus develops the mental, spiritual and psychological well-being of all its trainees in order for them to be able to adjust in creating a better, more caring and productive society.

The integrated education and training approach, as applied by the NIMT, stimulates and empowers learners daily to acquire and apply the knowledge, the skills, the values, the norms and the critical understanding required to confidently and creatively respond and develop personally according to the challenges of a rapidly changing social, political and highly competitive economic environment through an attitude of dedication and lifelong learning.

The NIMT’s holistic curriculum goals include:

ØTo prepare our trainees and workforce for the global challenges of the 21st century;

ØTo promote and uplift the social, cultural and personal development of our people;

ØTo understand, love and appreciate Namibia in the context of the continent and the world;

ØTo promote understanding of and respect for our country’s languages and cultural diversities;

ØTo improve the ongoing quality of education and training;

ØTo improve learner performance and achievement;

ØTo assist our Government in reaching the goals of Vision 2030 successfully.

Regular discussions with industry as well as with the Chamber of Mines of Namibia, of which the executive director of the NIMT is an honorary member, reveal that our industry is in dire need of well-trained, usable artisans in the trades the NIMT provides training in. NIMT annually trains approximately 3000 young Namibians. Detailed information can be obtained out of the NIMT Information Brochure.

NIMT is an autonomous vocational training center and technical college under one roof.  The legal status of the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology is sanctioned by a Trust Deed and governance is in the hands of a Board of Trustees. The Trustee members represent a wide spectrum of the Namibian industry.



A    Modular Vocational Training

The NIMT offers training in the following trades:

Fitting and Turning including Machining; Boiler-making/Welding; Diesel/Motor Mechanic; Electrical-General; Instrumentation; Refrigeration/Air-conditioning; Bricklaying/Plastering; Carpentry/Joinery/Cabinetmaking; Plumbing/Sheet-metal work; Clothing Production; Millwright-Electrical; Autotronics.

On the successful completion of the practical training (institutional and industrial), as well as the theoretical tuition, which requires a pass in four subjects on NTC third level of which the applicable Trade Theory subject is compulsory, the trainee is permitted to attempt the National Trade Test.

After a trainee passes the Trade Test, the trainee is awarded a National Trade Certificate (NTC) and attains a artisan status.


B    Theoretical Tuition

In addition to the NTC courses, supplementary subjects, such as Industrial and Business Orientated Subjects – IBOS - are presented on a weekly basis: NOSA/SHE Safety Courses; Computer Literacy; Communication English, Entrepreneurial Skills/Business Management and Environmental Control.


C    Skills Upgrading Training

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the most important aspect of assessment in determining the level of entry into this training programme offered by the NIMT.


Skills Upgrading Training (SUT) is additionally offered in the same fields of study as mentioned for modular vocational training. PF