Emily Mostert determined to make Zero Harm at Namdeb a reality…

By prime Focus Reporter
May 2013
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At Namdeb, more and more women are occupying operational and strategic positions. Certainly there is no lack of inspiration is led by a female Chief Executive Officer, Ms Inge Zamwaani-Kwami. Emily Mostert is following into the footsteps of females occupying leadership roles.  She is a Fitter and Turner by profession and was elected as the first female Fulltime SHE Representative at Namdeb. Emily is full of zest and determined to make Zero Harm a reality at Namdeb. She sees herself as an effective and trusted mediator between leadership and employees. 

Explaining her role as a Fulltime SHE representative, Emily says that it is about being accountable and taking ownership towards her own safety and inspiring others to do the same. She is determined to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all the safety information is shared with all, and re-enforcing Namdeb safety systems. Besides the fact that she is the first female to occupy this position at Namdeb, Emily is self-confident and determined to make a difference. 

Emily says that she is excited with the challenges of her new position especially the fact that she is the first female to represent the workforce on safety. Her immediate objectives in her position include having to assist the Company in becoming a “resilient” level organization in terms of safety, to have NO fatalities and to promote Zero Harm. She adds that she hopes to achieve her set objectives by simplifying the system and encouraging full commitment towards Namdeb Safety Improvement Plan.

A resolute Emily accentuates that she will work hard to change people’s mindsets so that the right behaviours are applied in support of applying the current safety procedures in place. She is of a firm belief that the Company needs to adopt a holistic approach and focus on all areas of safety and thus it is imperative for everyone to be aligned. This she says can only be possible if there is a full commitment towards safety. PF