Namdeb, PRIDE of Namibia’s Mining – to 2050 and beyond

By prime Focus Reporter
May 2013
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Namdeb is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namdeb Holdings (Proprietary) Limited Holdings which is owned in equal shares (50:50) by the Government of the Republic of Namibia and De Beers. Namdeb performs land-based prospecting (exploration), mining and rehabilitation operation and services for Namdeb Holdings. 

Zero Harm 

Safety is a value and the number one priority for Namdeb.  The zero-harm commitment and care is extended to all stakeholders and the environment in which Namdeb operates.

Namdeb is proud to have continuously retained its Occupational Health and Safety Audit Standard (OHSAS 18001:2007) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental) certification.


Leaders in Innovation


Although the Namdeb mining licence areas have been mined for decades, this world-class deposit still has much potential to provide long-term benefits to the Namibian economy. Namdeb’s Strategic Project team continues to investigate new technologies to profitably mine the wetter areas in the inshore and inner-shelf part of Namdeb’s onshore licences. Investigations include accelerating critical stay in business and projects which have the potential to extend the life of mine.

Namdeb took a bold step in 2010 with the development and launch of the Probe Drilling Platform (PDP).  The PDP is a jacking-walking 8-legged platform which is fitted with a probe drill to delineate the shallow water resource in the Inshore to the -7 metre isobaths.  Access to and from the platform is via aerial ropeway.

Namdeb has developed systems and techniques to accelerate ‘beach accretion’, or the formation of areas of coastal sediment, in a bid to gain ground beyond current limitations.  Success has been Interventions utilising dredges and floating treatment plants have been successful in this regard. 

The Red Area Complex is a state-of-the-art recovery and sorting facility which is expected to come on stream by the end of 2013, replacing the existing sorthouse. The complex will deliver more secure and efficient processing of all land and marine production. 


Caring for the Environment and Communities

Namdeb has an environmental management system certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

The key components of this system include:

environmental impact assessments conducted for all new projects

implementation of environmental management plans

monitoring of impacts and natural resource use as well as mine planning complimented by rehabilitation consideration


Namdeb’s mining operations are based in the south of Namibia and as such a substantial emphasis has been placed on providing support for communities in within the Karas region. The Namdeb Foundation supports the socio-economic development of Namibia by focusing on priority areas as indicated by the Government of Namibia. The sectors of Education, Health, Youth Employment and Enterprise Development receive a significant amount of investment support. In addition to this Namdeb recognises the importance of community development with the aim to empower so as to contribute towards sustainability.


Passionate People

Namdeb is committed to developing a learning organisation in which employees are flexible, energised and competent through the provision of appropriate training and developmental opportunities.

The Namdeb values (safety, teamwork, accountability and  respect) play an integral part in shaping the beliefs and culture which will sustain the operations to 2050 and beyond. A significant amount of effort goes into harnessing activities and hosting platforms which contribute to strengthening employee relationships and enhancing productivity.

Namdeb’s tertiary educational schemes, in particular the bursary and the tertiary educational grant schemes have played a pivotal role in developing human capital not only for the company but for the nation at large. The contribution to national skills development is evidenced by the number of Namdeb-trained senior executives employed in various key sectors of the Namibian economy. 

Namdeb’s mission is to produce diamonds profitably, sustainably and responsibly for the benefit of shareholders and all stakeholders, whilst making a lasting contribution to Namibia. As such the organisation has embarked upon a learning journey, promoting knowledge related to sustainability principles. The way forward for Namdeb is to continue exploring avenues where it can create a more sustainable impact in support of Namibia’s fourth National Development Plan (NDP4), which paves the way towards achieving the Vision 2030 goals. PF