Build It simplifying Eenhana development



Since opening its Eenhana branch last year, Build It has managed to win the hearts of many in the property development of this booming town.


“We are growing together with this beautiful town,” says manager Pieta Potgieter.


For years Eenhana residents would travel long distances to purchase material for their building. Now it is actually different, “people from other towns come to us to purchase building material especially when we have specials,” she adds.


Owned by Manny Dias, this franchise also has another branch at Oshikango border and the response from the public has been one of gratefulness, according to Potgieter.


From roofing, steel, cement, fencing, timber and poles, there is nothing unique about this shop except the uniqueness of its services.


“We run special promotions every two weeks and that is what the people need. Look, we are situated right in a former war zone where most of the people here today are former combatants, so we cannot treat them the same as everyone else. We have to transport their building material at times deep into territories where they are no roads. In most cases some walk in without enough funds but because these are our heroes and fought for this country, we give them discounts even on things like cement where we are not allowed to discount them,” says Potgieter.



A ten year veteran of Northern Namibia from her days at Megabuild Pupkewitz in Oshakati where she was sales supervisor, Potgieter cherishes the absence of crime   in Eenhana.  Besides veterans, most or her clients are also contractors currently busy with the upliftment of the town.


With 17 employees at Eenhana Build It and sitting on 4000 square metres of land, the sky is the limit for the growth of this town and this company which revolves around adding value to its products and changing face-in line with its customers’ needs. PF