NHE’s Eenhana project above par



In executing this mandate, to provide affordable and quality housing to the Namibian people, the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has built 13 295 houses countrywide since independence.


Most recently, thirty seven rental units were recently completed in Eenhana at a cost of N$13 million. This becomes the biggest real estate in Eenhana, a town currently besieged by massive accommodation problems.


Apart from the rental accommodation, 292 plots are currently being serviced with the construction of core and conventional houses to commence soon.






“We appreciate the efforts of NHE to lure investors to our town. Eenhana is currently experiencing a high demand for accommodation from government departments who have started coming to this town for operations, since we are the capital of the Ohangwena region. NHE’s efforts are therefore more than commendable,” says Eenhana town council CEO Walde Ndevashiya.


Twenty four rental units are currently in the construction phase in Windhoek’s Goreangab suburb.


In its effort to provide temporary shelter, NHE targets those who are unable to buy houses due to various constraints as well as young persons in new jobs, etc.


NHE’s products include; houses for sale, home loans for upgrading/home improvement, home loans for private re-sale, access bond and rental accommodation.


Before a new project starts, the NHE conducts research in a specific town to determine the housing needs of the people in that town.


Various factors are considered, such as serviced erven, the ability of the town’s inhabitants to repay loans and their preferences. Although prospective clients are given the opportunity to have a say in the design of the house they wish to buy, this is done within the limits of what they can afford.


Once all administrative matters have been settled and the applications for loans are approved, NHE will invite private companies to tender for the building of the houses.


Private contractors are used for the construction, since the NHE believes that housing the nation is a duty that must be shared by more people than only the NHE. By doing this, work is also provided to the private sector. Once the houses are completed, they are handed over to the new owners.


NHE’s primary goal is to provide housing for as many Namibians as possible; in order to do this, houses need to be affordable, and thus the most economical construction methods are used. Certain finishes in the house are also omitted, reducing building costs. The owner can with time add these finishes.


Targeted at the low-income market, NHE Core Houses are tied in with the Home Improvement Loan to upgrade a client’s Core House to a Conventional House as and when his financial position improves.


NHE’s sources of funding are; Bridging Finance, Turnkey Solutions, Government and Debt Financing.


Working together with all partners, NHE is building stable communities through-out Namibia.


Financing affordable, quality and adequate housing, NHE’s vision is to provide affordable housing for every Namibian by 2030.


As the NHE continues to provide and finance affordable housing to low and medium income households as well as facilitating the partnering of stakeholders, its objective as defined in terms of Clause 3 of the NHE Act: “The financing of housing for inhabitants of Namibia and generally providing for the housing needs of such inhabitants”,remains attainable.


The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) is a wholly owned state enterprise, established during 1993 by an Act of Parliament, being the National Housing Enterprise Act 5 of 1993.PF