Amia bringing relevant stationery services



A child is born, sits, starts to crawl and then eventually stands up to walk. Similary going through the developmental stages of a child, Amia Stationers has grown from a small business into a large supplier of stationery in northern Namibia, Eenhana town, in particular.


The founder of the company, Mike Amia , speaks passionately about how this business has grown from a very small initiative into a large establishment.


The company which been in existence for the past seven years and  supplies stationery to individuals, schools, government departments as well as companies.


In a short period of time the company has not only managed to supply Eenhana but has managed to expand its spheres of influence from Oshana region to Omusati.


Amia explains how he ended his profession as a boilermaker in order to start the stationery business through inspiration from business magazines. He picked up this idea from a South African company called Pam Stationers that supplies stationery through South Africa and beyond the SADC region.


“When Amia Stationery started, we only supplied the normal bond paper. Demand increased and through the provision of quality service clients started asking for a variety of stationery products. This sparked some ideas and henceforth the company realised the necessity to provide all stationery paraphernalia. When supply and variety was increased more and more clients started to visit the shop and I started enjoying providing stationery”, he says.


His greatest motivation lies in the fact that stationery has a continuous demand as learners use books, pens, boards and accessories on a daily basis.


The greatest challenge however is the threat posed by established companies who peg prices very lowly in order to push small establishments out of business and thereby by winning the greatest market share.



“The only comfort is that I manage to retain my clients by offering quality service and providing customer satisfaction,” he says.


His message to young people who aspire to be in business is that ‘Rome was not built in one day’. It is not about time but patience, concludes Amia emphasising on the importance of discipline, respect, cutting one’s garment according to one’s cloth and understanding the natural business dynamics which are full of ups and downs. PF