Namibia strives for logistics hub

By Prime Foces Reporter
September 2013
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The Namibian-German Centre for Logistics (NGCL) will be holding its 5th Annual Logistics and Transport Workshop in Walvis Bay on 24th – 27th September, expected to draw stakeholders from the transport and logistics sectors.


The growth of the logistics sector cannot be overemphasised in view of the fourth national development plan (NDP_4), which highlights the potential of the logistics industry in enhancing trade in Namibia and the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.


Neville Mbai sheds light on the value of this workshop.


Q: What is the purpose of this workshop?


A:The workshop aims to link industrial, Government and academic stakeholders to provide a forum for discussion about transport, logistics and supply chain management practices, as well as the dissemination of relevant research.


Q: Who is eligible to participate in the workshop?


A:Anyone with an interest in the local logistics industry, more specifically, managers from relevant Government departments, parastatals and industries together with academic lecturers, researchers and students.


Q: What are the objectives of the logistics sector?


A:To support the objectives of the Government as laid out in (NDP_4) by developing an industry capable of supporting trade in Namibia and throughout the SADC region.


Q: What does the workshop expect to achieve?


A:By disseminating or discussing logistics research and case studies, we shall provide stakeholders with an opportunity to see how current thinking can be applied to improve the performance of the industry and aid its development.


Q: How many delegates are expected to attend the workshop?


A: Approximately 100.


Q: Who will be the main speakers at the occasion?


A:Speakers from key stakeholders such as the Namibia Port Authority (Namport), TransNamib, Air Namibia, National Road Safety Council and the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund will represent the Government and the industry whilst international expertise will include: Prof Anthony Beresford (Cardiff) and Messrs. Thuso Mphela (Botswana) and David Leach (Huddersfield, UK). These will be supported by staff from the NGCL.


Q: How are the workshop proceedings expected to contribute to the economy and development of Namibia and Southern Africa at large?


A:They are expected to help shed light on Namibia’s ambition to become a gateway to the SADC region by providing a logistics hub that will utilise the Port of Walvis Bay. If successful, such a development could provide great opportunities for the development of trade in, as well as inbound investment to, Namibia and Southern Africa.


Q: How is this workshop different from the previous ones?


A:The workshop will build on the previous themes of developing logistics in the country and the region. In this case, there will be a specific focus on the logistics hub/cluster concept.


Q: Why is it held in Namibia?


A:The event will be hosted by the NGCL in conjunction with the Walvis Bay Corridor Group. It will focus on the potential of Walvis Bay port as a possible location for a southern African logistics hub, as well as Namibia’s aspirations to develop through logistics. This makes Namibia the logical setting for the workshop. Holding the event in Walvis Bay will give delegates the opportunity to view the location and operation of the port.  PF