Shop, get cash at the till



Ever wondered what it would be like to withdraw cash at the till while paying for your shopping in a supermarket? Well, wonder no more if you are a Nedbank customer.


In a move signalling a new era for grocery buyers at Pick n’ Pay, Nedbank has, in partnership with the supermarket, launched a cash-back initiative.


Cash-back works in a simple way, allowing Nedbank clients to withdraw cash with their automated teller machine (ATM) cards at their favourite Pick n’ Pay outlets, as long as they have a valid pin entry.


This initiative brings some good news with it; it allows clients to withdraw money on any Pick n’ Pay till even after having withdrawn their daily limits at the ATMs.


The other good news is; Nedbank clients do not have to be nervous or insecure while withdrawing money as far as transaction charges go because the transactions will cost them nothing more than what they could have been charged at any ATM.


Still don’t get it? Here is a simple example: While at a till paying for groceries worth, say, N$300 with your debit card, you realise you would like to have N$200 in cash. What do you do? Request the cashier to charge an amount of N$500 off your debit account so that N$300 covers your groceries while the remainder is given to you in cash. This is how the cash-back initiative works.


Nedbank deputy managing director, Lionel Matthews, notes their aim is to invest in innovative products, which make banking services accessible and convenient to their customers.


“Nedbank’s overall mission is to provide existing and potential clients with innovative banking solutions. The intrinsic value for our clients lies in the fact that instant banking services outside our branches are now closer to them,” he says.


Model Pick n’ Pay managing director, Henry Feris, points out the necessity to constantly invest in new and innovative ways to sustain the banking sector, especially given the current hard economic climate.


“With this initiative, we create a future and enhance lives in two ways. Firstly, cash-back will save time, which we all know is money. Customers, therefore, do not need to search for an ATM and then queue up to withdraw funds. Transactions can now be done through a single stop,” Feris says.


He adds, as part of the O&L Group, they are driving their purpose - creating a future, enhancing lives - which can be done by introducing certain services and products.  PF