OMN CA gears towards own destiny



The journey of this enthusiastic and determined young man is of openness to change towards accomplishing his destiny, and so begins Lovelace Kauta’s journey.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) from the University of Namibia (Unam)  and  landing a job at the Roads Authority (RA)’s Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS) as a licensing officer, he thought that was the life he was meant to lead, until his brother advised him to expand his vision by pursuing further studies.


Seeing as accounting was one of his best subjects, he naturally decided to further it with an honours degree in accountancy at the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg.


This degree would eventually grant him access to sit for the qualifying exams of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN) and Public Accountants and Auditors Board (PAAB), to become a registered chartered accountant.


After working completing  the required  three year training  programme (Articles) at  Deloitte,  Kauta choose to  stay  on for  an  additional two  years as an  audit  manager  to  acquire  managerial experience,  he has since  moved on to  join  industry ,  where  he has been in the employ  of  Old  Mutual Investment  Group  for  the past  two  years


Due to his hard work and eagerness to learn, within the two years Kauta has been at OMN, he has already gone from Operations manager, Head of the Unit Trust business to his current position as the Business Development Executive.


Being a Business Development Executive means that Lovelace is responsible for  driving the retention  and the acquiring of new business in both the pension funds and Unit  Trust areas,  which is paramount  in  the  growth  of  a sustainable asset and Investment  company in  the long  run. This job comes with exciting moments such as when the clients are rewarded with good returns on their investments. It, however, has its up and downs, especially now, with the current global economic instability, Kauta says.


“It is always hard to face a client and tell them that the portfolios in which they are invested are not performing as initially anticipated, due to various reasons. However, no matter how hard as it is; I have realised that clients respect upfront and honest feedback on the matter at hand,  and  bad news always has to  be delivered with alternative options,” he stresses.


To succeed at his daily chores, he religiously believes in thorough preparation before making any decision and attending to any chore on his agenda.


Through the different jobs and positions he has held, he has learnt to re-invent himself by being open to change, seeking counsel, he is a big proponent of lifelong learning.


Getting to where he is today has taken a lot of determination, inner strength, hard work and sacrifice, not to mention the inspirational people to look up to when the going gets tough.


“I owe a lot to my family, but also to the pioneers who are in the same line of work as I am, such as the late Siegfried Komeheke, Brian Masule, Junius Mungunda, and Fanuel Tjivau for they worked hard and succeeded. Thinking of them in my darkest hour, especially when I was attempting the Honours degree always pushed me on.”


Kauta likens having a chartered accountant’s qualification to possessing a blank cheque. However, one’s success heavily depends on the effort they put in and what choices they make regarding their career, he adds.


Being a part-time lecturer at Unam, for him, is one of his greatest successes, as reality often checks in good whenever he meets his students who have made it in life.


Since Namibia still lacks enough accountants to meet the existing demands, Kauta laments not many people understand the role and impact of an accountant in the development of institutions and a country. He thus urges Government to reinforce its efforts to invest in producing more qualified accountants.


“The layman thinks we are bean-counters, fixated to recording transactions. Whilst I appreciate the extraordinary business value, that can be derived from the expertise of the nations’ most sought-after business qualification. For example, more than a third of the chief executives of the 194 top-listed companies at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) are chartered accountants,” he explains, adding that the development of accountants has since been left in the hands of the private sector, which has realised their value while Government focuses more on other sectors, such as engineering.


The patriotic citizen says he would not trade his country for any other, as he feels it is one of the most peaceful and stable countries, with a sound infrastructure and telecommunication system in the world. But when it comes to the development of the country, Kauta is concerned by the level of poverty in many areas where people are unable to access the most basic needs,  ultimately  the widening  gap  between the haves and the have nots.


With regard to the journey of his career, Kauta is far from done. He still believes there will be opportunities to grow, learn and contribute more to the development of the country, one way or another. As such, his main goal is to one day set up his own firm and, in turn, employ others.


In his private time, Kauta maximises on quality time with his immediate family and relatives, especially over Christmas holidays in Erinditjirarua where their gatherings have a humbling and inspirational effect on him.


According to him, never-ending learning is the key to leading a successful life. PF