The top performers in the 2013 Deloitte “Best Company to Work For (BCTWF)”

By prime Focus Reporters
October 2013
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The results of the “Best Company to Work For” (BCTWF) survey were announced recently at a local hotel. This is the third time the survey is being conducted in Namibia.


The survey was held under the theme “Making Africa a better place to work”.


The survey aims to identify and celebrate the best companies to work for across the Southern African region as rated by their most important stakeholder group, namely, their employees.


“The results of the survey in Namibia this year and over the past two years indicates that the participating Namibian companies go the extra mile to understand their employees and to provide an employment experience that is on par or even better than the employment experience provided by companies in the region,” says Ramsay Mc Donald, partner at Deloitte and head of the Best Company to Work For survey in Namibia.


The survey is the pre-eminent survey of its kind in Namibia and is quickly developing to be the pre-eminent survey of its kind in Africa.The survey, launched in South Africa in 2001, was extended to Namibia in 2011 and has attracted great interest from companies who wanted to ascertain how their employees viewed their performance on a variety of criteria. This year the survey was conducted in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Kenya.


Apart from the benefits of Industry, Size Category and Regional benchmarking, each participating organisation gains invaluable insights into the reported employment priorities and experiences of its employees which can serve as the basis to optimise their overall employment experience and thereby enhance the organisation’s performance and status as a recognised employer of choice.


Providing the background to the 2013 survey, Ramsay Mc Donald noted that this year’s participation included four new companies, representing the biggest increase in new participants since the survey’s inception in Namibia. In total 12 local companies participated in the 2013 survey, which is an addition of  two more companies than last year’s survey.


Deloitte recognised Agra, AFROX (first time participant), MTC, MVA Fund, NamPower, Ohlthaver & List Group, Old Mutual and Santam for achieving an average score of greater than or equal to the Deloitte benchmark for the standard of excellence. This benchmark score is an average overall score across the ten dimensions surveyed of more than 3.7. Achieving this score means these company employees are mostly positive about all ten dimensions and 44 questions surveyed. Twelve years of survey data was used to determine this Deloitte standard of excellence score. The Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies was also recognised for their participation in the Awards for the past 5 years.


During the 2011 to 2012 survey period Namibia not only scored above the 3.7 benchmark, but also showed an improvement from 3.80 to 3.94 on its overall scoring. The 2013 results surpassed those of last year with the average score achieved reaching 4.0. “This year’s results are excellent but work still needs to be done in closing the gap between employees and

employers in understanding what people value,” said Hein Nienaber, Associate Director Human Capital. According to him talent development and management, leadership and employee engagement are as relevant today as it was 10 to 15 years ago.


The following is a breakdown of the 2013 winners.


Medium Sized Company Category

• Winner and first time participant in the survey, Santam Namibia

• 2nd place, multi-year participant, MVA Fund

• 3rd place, first time participant, AFROX


Large Sized Company Category

•                   Winner and multi-year participant, The Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies

•                   2nd place, Old Mutual

•                   3rd place, Agra 3


Last year’s recipients of this award included the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (medium sized company), a three year participant in the survey and the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies (large sized company), a participant in the survey since 2008 and top performer in the southern African region in 2012 in the large size category.


The Deloitte Best Company to Work For survey offers more than just the honour of being recognised as a top performer. Next on the calendar is the annual conference at which the overall results of the Namibian 2013 survey and key trends, challenges and opportunities will be presented. The conference, to be held on 20 November 2013, will be open to participants as well as the greater Namibian employment community.


At the launch of the 2013 survey in March this year, Ramsay Mc Donald noted: “Whilst the outlook for companies has improved over the past few years, the impact of the economic crisis and the subsequent recession has had a lasting impact on both employers and employees. While traditional factors such as remuneration and work life balance remain important, data from the Best Company to Work For survey shows a definite shift in what employees really value.


Factors such as confidence in the organisation, operational effectiveness and job satisfaction are coming to the fore as important indicators of employee motivation and commitment.”


“Understanding this shift is imperative as misaligned initiatives aimed at improving or enhancing employee satisfaction may not yield the anticipated outcomes, highlighting the importance of long term strategies that are flexible, agile and focused around responding to key employee needs.”


This annual survey covers both the employer (described as all executives, including the CEO) as well as employees (randomly selected across the entire organisation) and their responses captured according the following dimensions:

•                   Sense of confidence in the organisation

•                   Organisational ethics and integrity

•                   Operational effectiveness

•                   Relationship with Manager/Supervisor

•                   Sense of inclusion in the organisation

•                   Overall job satisfaction

•                   Career development

•                   Work-Life balance

•                   Performance and recognition

•                   Remuneration


Prospective companies who wish to participate in future surveys or who wish to attend the conference on the 20th of November should contact Mignon du Preez at Deloitte on 061-2855015 or email for more information. PF