The Namibian Port’s Authority towards SADC regional economic integration with special focus on the Port of Lüderitz




Namport towards SADC regional economic integration


The Namibia Port’s Authority for the Port of Lüderitz signed an MOU with Lüderitz Town Council in March 2010. The objectives of the MOU are: to pursue social economic development and the realization of the Trans Oranje Corridor as an economic corridor development initiative to stimulate and enhance greater economic benefit for both the Region and the Nation at large.


Lüderitz Town Council as local Municipality is ready to offer assistance, corporation, support as well as participate in the Corridor Initiative that links the Town of Lüderitz and //Kharas Region to the world through the Port of Lüderitz. The National Development agenda of NDP4 is striving for Namibia to be a preferred logistics hub with excellent services and infrastructure development with the Lüderitz Port also building momentum to reach expected capacity.


Port of Lüderitz Profile


The port of Lüderitz is strategically located on the southwestern coast of Namibia and offers excellent logistical services and links to other towns in Namibia as well as South Africa. We boast with short turnaround time for fruit industry export to Europe, particularly grapes from Aussenkehr and from the Northern Cape Province. In terms of infrastructure development, a new 500m quay provides for efficient and safe cargo and handling container facilities for importers and exporters. The Port of Lüderitz has also recently acquired 60 ton Haulers, Trailers and one 45 ton Reach Stacker, these acquisition form part of the Port master plan for enhancing responsiveness towards business demands in Southern Namibia, the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.


As part of its future development, Namport has commissioned a feasibility study to address the need to provide separate and dedicated bulk facilities that will cater for the mining and related industries. The bulk facility will alleviate the congestion in the neighboring Ports experienced by the mining sector in the Ports catchment area. Natural and cultural tourism offers ample opportunities for tourism development in addition to the Waterfront Development expansion programme.




Phase 3 (2020-2030) Deep Water Port Development (Angra) N$ 16.4 billion


There are future development plans for a deep water port at Angra Point in Lüderitz as well as to integrate the fuel facility development with the tanker berth at the deep water port to serve the southern region of Namibia and Northern Cape Province in South Africa. Namport conducted a feasibility study, report of which can be obtained from the office of the Lüderitz Port Manager.


Phase 3 (2020-2030) Deep Water Port Development (Angra) 16.4 billion.



Railway line connection to the Port of Lüderitz


The railway line rehabilitation to the Port of Lüderitz will be completed by second quarter 2014. Namport is currently preparing for the rail portion within the port itself. The exploitation of twining agreement between //Kharas Region and Northern Province of South Africa will subsequently lead to constant inflow of cargos especially manganese and iron ore from Northern Cape Province. The train will further serve as a means of transport for passengers.



Truck Port Facilities


Statistics has shown 17 daily trucks transportation that offloads Zinc from Scorpion Zinc mine currently, additional 20 trucks are expected to offload at the Port of Lüderitz for export purpose. The Corridor gas initiative feasibility study shows that 8 trucks a day will form part of their value chain in supplying Gas to destined markets of SADC which totals 45 trucks a day moving in and out of Lüderitz Port.


Lüderitz Town Council was approached by one of the leading transport company who intend to build a Transport Depot in Lüderitz to compliment the logistics transport sectors. Town Council is vigorously calling upon potential investors to explore this fertile sector.


Dry Port in Lüderitz


In view of a possible Dry Port facility in Lüderitz, The //Kharas Region and Northern Cape Province in South Africa entered into a cooperation agreement. The Lüderitz Town Council committed to avail land with good incentives and call upon the Iron and Ore as well as the Manganese Mining companies of South Africa to consider the investment opportunity to enhance their business. PF