Through determination, all is possible

By Honorine Kaze
November 2013
On the Move



Author Tommy Lasorda stressed that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.


Focusing on the bigger picture,  Mbo Christian Luvindao has combined determination and hard work into his phenomenal rise in his career at Bank Windhoek in Namibia.


Recently appointed as the new branch manager of ESME, Luvindao’s journey within the bank started a decade ago as a simple messenger for the same bank just after completing secondary education.


“I completed my secondary education at St Paul’s college and due to financial limitations, I was unable to pursue a full time tertiary qualification.  I then started looking for employment and Bank Windhoek gave me the opportunity to prove myself.  I was therefore privileged enough to immediately enter the banking sector,” he recalls.


As a part time messenger, Mbo was tasked with assisting with deliveries and filing.  He was then appointed as a full time filing clerk in 2006 and then promoted to the position of collateral clerk.


He later moved to the credit department of the Property Finance Division of Bank Windhoek. He, however, did not abandon his studies,and while at the Bank he obtained his Credit Diploma.


“I was once again promoted to become the manager of the Collateral department. In 2011, I was appointed as credit manager at ESME branch. I held this position for two years until the recent appointment,” he says.


With the new position, Luvindao’s responsibilities include the promotion of the Bank’s SME products, coaching and mentoring of staff and value addition to local SMEs.


The ESME branch has been providing financing to emerging small and medium enterprises since 2000. The branch offers a wide range of products tailored to suit individuals business needs, ranging from term loans, article and vehicle finance, property finance, letter of credit, letter of undertaking, guarantees and investment accounts.


“What excites me the most about my career is the fact that I am part of a dynamic team committed to contributing to the growth of the SME industry and the Namibian economy as a whole. I relish the fact that I get to meet entrepreneurs from different walks of life and help them make their dream of becoming self- employed a reality. I believe that I have the most rewarding job in Namibia,” he quips.


From his humble beginnings to where he is now, the young man in his mid-twenties, who would have taken up engineering if the banking sector had not chosen him, notes that he has learned that being a leader means adding value to the people you are leading by serving them and that the only truly revolutionary business or brand values are teamwork, excellence, learning, passion, integrity and innovation.


As he moved into leadership positions, he admits to have struggled with delegating.


“I am primarily a left brain individual, so I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to work, which made it difficult to delegate. I had to sit down on a weekly basis and divide workloads. It took me a while, but practice makes perfect,” he notes.


After ten years in the banking sector, Luvindao does not plan on changing careers anytime soon as he feels he still has a lot to contribute and Bank Windhoek has always provided the right support for him to rise higher.


Through life and his career, he has learned various lessons including the fact that hard work and dedication pays off and that one must commit to life-long learning..


“I have also learned that there is no greater privilege than serving my Lord and that the love and support of family is invaluable. Furthermore, every person must be treated with respect, regardless of their economic status.”


He can’t stop praising the inspiration he has gotten from his parents that has pushed him to where he is.


“My parents are my inspiration. They were hard working and God fearing people who instilled in me the value of hard work and service to the Christian faith. Their commitment and love are some of the values I strive to emulate in my own life,” he concludes.  PF