Nedbank Namibia: doing it through cycling

By prime Focus Reporter
December 2013/January 2014
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That Nedbank is a champion of community development cannot be disputes. Whatever the bank touches  turns “Green”.  And true to their slogan, “We Make Things Happen,” they have taken cycling in Namibia to new levels of development. This is only getting better with time.


This year Nedbank can proudly pat themselves on the back and walk tall as they have done the nation proud by sending a cycling team to participate in the 2013 African Continental Road Cycling Championships in Egypt.


“Nedbank Namibia’s dedication to cycling,  and our commitment to the development  of the sport, is just as steadfast and resolute today as it was when we first introduced the first edition of our renowned Nedbank Cycle Challenge in November 1986,” remarked Lionel Mathews, Nedbank’s Managing Director, during the official send off of the National Cycling Team.


On the same occasion Shivute Katamba, the Chief Administrator of the Namibian Sports Commission weighs in, “We have nothing but praise for Nedbank Namibia’s support of our national team. Government alone cannot develop sports in our country, and we are proud of the work done by the Namibian Cycling Federation and Nedbank Namibia to support our efforts. Please convey our gratitude to the Board of Directors and every member of Nedbank’s staff. We only wish other corporates can follow the great example by Nedbank Namibia.”


Nedbank Namibia has very strong aspirations to be involved in community development initiatives as well as the environment. As the Nedbank Cycle Challenge is growing from strength to strength in spreading its influence and reach, the Bank is forging relations with organisations such as Physically Active Youth organisation, the Oshakati Cycling Club and Namibian Cycling Federation as part of strengthening Nedbank Namibia’s sporting affinities.


The bank is not doing all this efforts in vain, as the substantial investments to date have seen the inclusion of three of the Nedbank /PAY Elite Men’s Cycling team in the national team for the African Championships.


On its part, Nedbank feels humbled that it participated in the preparation for the cycling team to attend the continental showpiece, a rare moment and occasion to raise the Namibian flag higher.


“Each one of the national cycling team members has lit up our own Nedbank Cycle Challenge over the years with some breath taking performances, so we have every reason to be excited about the prospects of this team returning to our shores as Champions of Africa,” concludes Matthews.


It now remains the responsibility of all cyclists in Namibia to show their support for Nedbank by entering online for next year’s prestigious Nedbank Cycle Challenge by visiting!  PF