Afrox, driven to empower communities

By prime Focus Reporter
December 2013/January 2014
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There is no doubt that Afrox, is one of Africa’s largest companies behind the success of industry and commerce throughout Africa.


However, big Afrox may be it acknowledges the value of sustainable development by paying attention to the communities they operate in. To this end, corporate social investment (CSI) is inherent in the Afrox business philosophy and forms part of the Socio Economic Development initiatives stipulated by the NEEEF transformation framework.



Afrox believes that economically and socially strong communities enhance Afrox’s success. Their CSI strategy is aligned to long-term business objectives.


Guided by the theme of “investing in the future”, Afrox has been involved in ongoing sustainable community upliftment activities, with an emphasis on children, their education, health  care, social issues and the environment.


Under a banner of corporate volunteering, Afrox’s Bumbanani (meaning let’s work together in iSizulu) community involvement programme (CIP) is an employee-driven social responsibility programme focus on disadvantaged local communities and has been acknowledged by the United Nations as a model community involvement project.


It is interesting to note that the CIP initiative is driven wholeheartedly by employees. Employees are community members first and foremost, hence their involvement and participation means they address issues which meet the relevant needs of the people on the ground.


This programme calls for hands-on involvement, rather than ‘cheque-book charity’. The objective of the program is to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of disadvantaged children within the communities in which we do business. This enables Afrox employees to experience a personal sense of reward from helping those less fortunate. It also aims to promote Afrox to both internal and external audiences as a caring company.



The Afrox CSI is divided in two parts, the first being Bambanani Day. On this particular day children are treated to anything from watching a movie, playing soccer, and a braai to a  well selected fun filled activities.  Secondly the CSI entails what is called Ongoing Activities. These come in the shape  of donating cooking gas to home kitchens, beds, mattresses, and educational material and other infrastructure.


The year 2013 was the 19th time that Afrox employees devote their time and energy to making life better for over 3 000 underprivileged children in  local communities surrounding Afrox operations throughout Africa — efforts that are underpinned by millions of dollars in corporate financial backing each year. PF