BACK TO SCHOOL Message by the Minister of Education

By Dr David Namwandi
February 2014
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Iwould like to welcome all the learners, teachers, directors, inspectors, hostels staff, stakeholders and entire management of the Ministry of Education to the 2014 school year.


It is my sincere wish that what 2014 has in store for the education sector is positive. May the year 2014 be a year of commitment and hard-work to ultimately provide quality and accessible education to all as enshrined in the Namibian Constitution and the Education Act of 2001.


Congratulations to all the learners who have made it to the next grade. I encourage you to re-commit yourselves to learning, respecting your teachers and share love on school grounds.


For the learners who have not made it to the next grade, do not give up. Take up the challenge in 2014 to rise and shine. You have the potential to rise above the rest and be the best and not second best.


To the first time learners, the first encounter in a classroom may be intimidating, but I can assure you that you are at the right place to acquire knowledge, meet new friends and grow intellectually.


A special welcome goes to our teachers for their unwavering commitment to educating and grooming the Namibian Children. We respect you, our teachers and the teaching profession.


A special message goes to the Regional Education Directorates, Principals, Advisory Teachers and Inspectors, as well as leaders of distance education institutions. I am counting on your virtuous leadership in the regions, schools and at national level.


The year 2014 is an exciting year. So let us strive for an excellent pass rate. Let us join hands and make education a shared responsibility.


Thank you PF