Going forward



The phrase, “Going Forward” has become a common feature punctuating almost every presentation. It is clear everyone is looking ahead for opportunities, strength, unfulfilled dreams, promises still to be fulfilled and above all unlimited horizons waiting to be explored.


Going forward, the Finance Minister-Sara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila pulled out one of the finest budgets as she is boldly tackling various issues, a sign she pays attention and applies her mind fully. It is hard to please everyone but the budget fairly covers socio-economic issues and capitial projects which includes infrastructure development to help position  Namibia as a competitive nation.


However as Dr Leake Hangala pointed out, “The problem is not with the Minister of Finance, the problem is with her colleagues.”  In reference to the implementers, do not turn up when it matters most. Where did the spirit of servanthood go to?


Going forward, the innovative Johannes !Gawaxab, the  Managing Director: Operations for Old Mutual Africa did the nation proud as he hosted his  friends, Tom Alweendo, NPC Director General, Ipumbu Shiimi, Governor Bank of Namibia, David Nuyoma, CEO: Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) and Floris Bergh, leading Namibian Economist  to a panel discussion dubbed  Johannes & Friends - A conversation about Namibia’s Life, Health and Future at the recently concluded expo: My Life.My Health.Myfuture and the moderator Rowland Brown, Chairperson of the Economics Association of Namibia was awesome. So rich were the discussions that someone asked why it has taken too long for such an event to be held.


Great words of wisdom were uttered by Inge Zamwani-Kamwi MD of Namdeb on the value of discipline as a champion to the challenges we face. Impressive insight came from Monica Kalondo on what should be done to bridge the private sector divided between blacks and whites. More importantly she emphasised it is the moral duty of every single individual to make it work, simply put it starts with you, reminds me of be the change you want to see.


It rekindles hope that with such leaders at the helm of these strategic institutions, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no doubt that these institutions will lead from the front in transforming the quality of lives of the Namibians as they respond the needs of the transformation agenda.


Listening to the discussion one can tell even if these leaders are better off, they have not removed themselves from the daily challenges people are facing and what they are personally doing to make it work in their own personal space as well as at institutional level. What remains is turning these ideas into tangible work to create the future we want, and stop being cynical as Tom Alweendo put it.


Going forward we will always pay tribute to Jerry Muadinohamba the former MVA CEO, as a transformational leader. His public lecture on, “Transformational Leadership in SOE’s in Namibia: Where to now?What can you say about someone who found an MVA with N$1.3m but when he left it has grown to N$275 m, way back MVA had an asset base of N$30 m and currently the asset value has grown to N$350m.


Year in and out MVA has been winning awards for the “Best Company to Work for”.  His magic has been very simple, creating an environment where people can think differently. “People are the key differentiator of an institution,” he says.


Going forward we need to find a lasting solution on gender-based violence  afflicting this nation. We just cannot go on like this.


Lastly we are impressed along with our partners, KPMG, NCCI and Simonis Storm Securities for hosting a successful 4th Budget Luncheon after the tabling of the 2014/14 Namibian Budget held at Windhoek Country Club recently. Going forward we are certain lessons learnt and insights shared will take this country forward.


Until next time happy reading and a blessed 24th Independence Namibia! PF