Loyalty, dedication and commitment a ticket to the top



It is not every day that you bump into someone who is a personal banker to the President of the country but Daphne Mouton has the privilege to be one.


Mouton who is amongst the Standard Bank employees who were recently recognised for their commitment and hard work to the bank, has been working for the bank for the past 3 decades.


Her career took off in 1983 as a ledger clerk in the Swakopmund branch, she would work tirelessly and proverbially rose through the ranks. From a clerk, she moved to being a teller in 1987 then was promoted as the first mobile home loan consultant in Standard Bank’s home Loan division in 1990.


In 2001, she moved to private banking where she worked first as a manager’s assistant for a period of four years before being promoted to her current position  as manager of the private banking division.


“As a private banker, I serve high profile clients with all their various banking needs and requirements, thus  the president of the Republic of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba whom I serve as a personal banker as well as various other professionals,” she says.


Although she thought she would pursue nursing after matric, circumstances dictated otherwise and then she opted to look for a job. Working in the banking industry and especially for Standard Bank can be best likened to the saying love at first sight as it is the first job she took in 1983 and never looked back.


 “I decided to look for a job in a bank because it was more exciting and most of my peers also ended up at Standard Bank Swakopmund,” she recalls.


“My journey and stay with Standard Bank Namibia has been very satisfactory. I have and still am working very hard and with utmost dedication. There were hard and tough times, but there were also good and joyful times which are still the order of each and every day,” she explains.


She adds that, “Although I have received several attractive offers from other financial institutions, I never felt the need to change jobs and I am rather thankful for the opportunities and growth received and experienced within Standard Bank Namibia.”


Although she joined the working class just after high school, she did not relegate her studies to the bottom drawer. Despite holding down a full time job she took up her studies and in 2000 she graduated with a Diploma in Marketing with the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN). She also successfully completed over the years several in service training courses with SBN.


With the support and assistance of SBN, she completed in 2008 the Management Development Programme  (MDP) with Stellenbosch Business School.


She has also worked on improving her working skills in order to be able to serve her customers the right way, thus she had to work tirelessly on her listening, communication and execution skills in terms of planning, efficient service and speed in general.


Compared to the days she started, she says a lot has changed. She notes that SBN has established a number of branches across Namibia and nowadays concentrates a lot more on personal, dedicated attention to retain and attract customers. As time evolves, technology has become an essential tool for all corporate services. As such SBN has embarked on the technological upgrade to ease the banking process for the clients and is always looking for ways to improve further.


Among the innovation and adaptations to change like all commercial banks, SBN has a number of Automated Teller Machines  ATMs dotted all over the country, something which never existed in the 80. Internet banking has entered the fray so is  cell phone banking in pursuit of staying ahead of technological advances. Furthermore, she says transaction volumes in terms of home loans, vehicle and asset Finance and Insurance broking have changed the banking sector considerably.


Being a female, she reckons that SBN has been a favourable environment for their growth, and having started working at a time where there was not many female in managerial positions. She has seen a number of her female colleagues who she started all occupying senior and managerial positions in the SBN space.


This loyal and dedicated employee, wife and mother, has learned nuggets of wisdom in life during her tenure at SBN.


“To live and work with integrity, take accountability for my actions, be caring, work as a team, serve with dedication and commitment,” she sums up succinctly.


She is also a firm believer in  that one needs to be patient, respectful, be thankful, go the extra mile, dream to big achieve and most importantly to protect and build  a good name and reputation by doing and executing their job with passion.


Her advice to young people starting up their careers is that they should strive for success, study and always show a willingness to learn from experienced staff, adhere to policies and follow regulations, rules and procedures.


“As future leaders of tomorrow, they need to exercise hard work, patience, a life with good values with a strong foundation based on values such as integrity, accountability, commitment and respect,” she concludes. PF