15 May 2014


The Agricultural Bank of Namibia specializes in financing the entire value chain from land acquisition, production inputs, harvesting, transporting, processing and marketing of the products at competitive interest rates.  Agribank’s role is to facilitate the provision of affordable loans for agriculture or activities related to agriculture. 


It is in the process of implementation of identified projects and programs that Agribank must forge business relationships in line with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) to accelerate agriculture development for the achievement of Vision 2030.


UNAM as an Institution of higher learning plays an important role as a centre in knowledge production, distribution and its utilization to contribute to the National economic growth and ultimately the realization of Vision 2030.  Vision 2030, as we know, is our long term development framework to transform and improve the quality of life for every Namibian.  So, knowledge drives productivity, which is an ingredient to accelerate industrial development.


Agribank’s relationship with UNAM is embedded into the program of financial support to ensure continuous production of knowledge required for development especially in the agriculture sector to create jobs and the much needed wealth.  Henceforth, our collaborative efforts in programs of support to UNAM is highlighted below:


Agricultural Bank of Namibia maintained its prominence in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) by contributing towards the following:


•      N$600,000 towards the construction of a lecture hall at the UNAM Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at Ongwediva Unam Campus in 2009 to create an enabling learning environment.


•      N$200,000 towards the construction of the Keetmanshoop Unam Campus in 2013.


•      N$80,000.00 was spent where approximately 26 trainees received training on Mushroom cultivation through an initiative by UNAM and the National Youth Council (NYC) to train trainees who will act as mentors in their respective regions.  100 training manuals in mushroom cultivation were produced and 5 development centers established throughout the country.


•      N$2 million worth of bursaries to several students from UNAM studying in various fields of national importance such as Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Computer Science, Accounting, Auditing and Finance.  The bank furthermore, takes in some of these bursary holders into the bank’s internship programme.


•      N$1 million was spent on Public Private Partnership (PPP) with UNAM through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) in order to accelerate value addition to the economic development of the country, to fast track implementation and execution of programs in various areas such as training of Agribank staff, research and product development in areas of livestock, aquaculture, crop production and training of farmers under the Farmers Support Project (FSP) to transfer skills.


As we celebrate the graduation, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those students who obtained their qualifications in various fields of study and encourage them to plough back the knowledge so gained into community development. 

Thank you. PF


Issued by:


Ms. Terttu NT Uuyuni


Agribank Board of Directors