Chops: A jack of all trades

Hate him or love him but Tshoopara Tshoopara, known as Chops, is one character you cannot ignore both on the entertainment scene and in the business world. He seems to have mastered the art of multi-tasking to a level that not so many can cope to. 

At 34 Chops has his hands full as a radio and television personality, actor, voice-over artist, master of ceremonies, events manager and bar owner, but he still manages to give his staff the best training through Liquid Events. He has also appeared in radio and television adverts. 

It all started when he started travelling. He attended high school in Cape Town and then went to England for a degree in business administration and a postgraduate qualification in human resources. He paid for his studies by working as a barman in England and ended up being trained as an instructor where he learned how to do both at the same time. 

“When I came back to Namibia I started working at the Warehouse theatre as a bartender and at the same time being Master of Ceremonies at different events “he said. Tshoopara Is glad to talk about his life behind the bar. 

Passionate about mixing drinks, making the best of your event and soothing your ears with his radio voice, Tshoopara is moved by students who seize the opportunity to learn from him and to earn extra cash. “I respect students that would come to me to learn how to be a bartender or waiter, because it takes the right attitude to do it” he says. Tshoopara does this through his events management company, Liquid Events, where he has trained many young people in the most important aspects of the hospitality sector including organizing events, mixing the right cocktails and of course, the ever-important communication skills. 

Some of his staff refer to him as “a brother, a friend and not a boss”. He encourages his staff to take learning seriously and is proud of the fact that Liquid Events is made up of university students. He also mentioned that he currently has 10 students working at Liquid events. 

Tshoopara’s admits that “I enjoy my job on radio because I get to interact with people every day “adding that “it is never easy trying to balance work and business but I try I utmost best not to pack up work and finish what I have to do once at a time." 

Tshoopara is not just a bar tender or an owner of Liquid events, he is also an actor where he played a role in the Movie that have been making headlines in Namibia called Katutura, he played as an ex-convict named Dankie. The movie narrates the story of people in Katutura, who have to endure daily struggles that come with the life of living in a township. The movie not only focusses on crime, drug abuse, violence, but it also shows the resilience of the community. The movie follows a group of characters experiencing the gravity of living in Namibia’s biggest township. 

“People need to know that nothing comes easy in life. As kids we sold sheep heads, mielies, Mopani worms and ice in the streets, but nowadays people don’t want to suffer in order to get somewhere.” 

One of Tshoopara’s challenges is training students that do not have a passion for work.“ Some people just look for a job for the sake of having a job, but most people don’t know that it all requires passion and dedication to make it in life,” he says. 

He reveals that, “I am happy to have done the Windhoek Draught advert this year. Even though this was a big achivement, I am planning on doing bigger things this year.” 

Tshoopara sees his business expanding in the next five years. “I would like to be able to send my staff to other countries to go work there and receive staff from the exchange program as well,” he says. 

He would also like to see the Katutura Movie worldwide and making headlines in Namibia’s history. Tshoopara also encourages the young generation to never settle for something they have no passion for, but to explore and pursue their dreams.