Cardinal Academy creates pathway to experiential learning

While most tertiary institutions in Namibia pride themselves in creating a theoretical platform for students to base their careers on after graduating, two Entrepreneurs, Lancelot Musessengwa and Elizabeth Nikanor, are working to establish a tertiary college in Namibia that will bridge the gap between the theoretical aspects of academics with in-field experiential learning.

The school, Cardinal Academy, aims to offer courses within a wide range of fields including Information and Technology (IT) programmes, Human Resources Management (HR), Finance Management, Policy Management and Development, Project Management tutorials as well as exam preparations.

The Institution will also offer tutelage to students in the field of Accounting, in addition to offering a special school for Chartered and Certified Accountants.

Musessengwa tells Prime Focus Magazine, “The Academy will make a difference in the academic performances of the Namibian youth and the reason we came up with this is we realised that there are a lot more students failing than those who are passing now.” Cardinal Academy creates pathway to experiential learning

“Those students who are failing, what solutions are there for them or are we telling them that their future is doomed? Or do we tell them that there is no hope and a future at all just because they cannot be enrolled at the University or Polytechnic? Now there should be something. That is why we came up with this Cardinal Academy that focusses on individual passion,” he says.

Musessengwa also says, “We are going to teach specialized skills and different I.T. programs. We are trying to develop the future generation and what makes us unique is when we are doing practical, we are not going to do it like the other schools.”

He continues, “For example, we won’t tell students that this is a mouse or this is a computer. We have an agreement with the cooperate companies that can incorporate our students into their operations for practicals at their actual workshop, interacting with people, going into the working environment while still at school and that prepares the student to know what they are getting themselves into when they start working.”

Cardinal Academy is not only established to offer students computer skills but was set with a focused goal to give all pupils, young and old, a solid IT foundation that is easy to master, and courses from basic computer foundations to advanced computing.

“Cardinal is also developed with the strong belief that once you have understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge on and you will be skilled with computers and the internet. The curriculum is designed to form the foundation for continuous learning and to be applicable to ever-changing innovations. At the end of their studies, students will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment,” he said.

Musessengwa reveals, “The truth is we only have 415 Chartered Accountants in the whole of Namibia which is a frustration on the Namibian sector, and we want to make a difference by offering tutorial classes to people that are already studying CA, because most people are failing the exams.”

“Cardinal will have two lecturers per class just for emergency because people always get sick, so when one person is not feeling well the other can take over, which makes us more unique and our objective is actually to provide computer skills that become building blocks with which to meet the challenges of personal and professional life for vision 2030 attainment,” he adds.

Cardinal will accommodate 200 students for the first intake and the classes will go up to 22h00 to accommodate people that go to work from 08h00to 17h00.

“We would want to see the Academy countrywide in the next five years and becoming a franchise. I believe our geology is unique. People will ask what about us in the north so we would want to be in every town in the next five years,“ he says.

Musessengwa further believes, “Entrepreneur is not about theory but experience. People need to believe in themselves and Cardinal is the answer to make it in the business world because our entrepreneurship courses do not only teach you the theory but practical side as well. Sometimes not everything is learned under the desk but through practice. People who has a passion should be motivated by someone who practically experienced it because sometimes business is not just about money but about the mind. One cannot be a marketer if you have never marketed anything and that is the advice I have for someone who has a dream.”