By Rosalia David
January - February 2016
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No tree is too tall to climb and no stunt too dangerous to attempt.

 These are the words of Sylvanie Beukes, a young entrepreneur and author who has managed to mould his career with sheer confidence.

Beukes, who harboured ambitions of becoming a doctor in his youth, believed he would one day cure a lot of people and serve the world.

 The future, however, had a different vision for him as he ended up studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources, majoring in Economics, before founding SB Business Consultancy and Alpha Brands & Communications. He is also the author of the book named New Money Masters, and a well as a motivational speaker.

Beukes admits that he was not born an author, but that he saw the need to do something new to curtail the prevalent frustration faced by people starting new businesses.

“It was at my most desperate hour that I took my notes of all the business deals that I had done, and began searching for clues which would help me understand why we were not succeeding as fast as we thought we would.

I began the problem analysis with myself, looking at the professional skills and capacity which I lacked to build a successful enterprise,” he says.
“I looked at the type of investors I had met, and the business partners and associates I encountered. I was trying to trace mey steps about what went wrong,”Beukes says. That’s when Beukes decided to write the book where people could learn from and improve himself.

“After all, a business network like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. My reasoning was that if I can share my story with the next person, it would empower that person, and ultimately also benefit me because I would one day end up doing business with them.

We can all avoid the ‘get-rich-quick’ thinking which has infiltrated our business networks and is eating away at the very fabric which makes us competitive,” Beukes stresses.

Born in Windhoek, he soon moved to Rehoboth, where he lived with his uncle and grandmother before she passed away.

He started his primary education at Origo Primary School in Rehoboth, but that was not meant to last as he soon found his way back to Windhoek, enrolling at the Gammams Primary School a year before starting high school.

After Beukes completed his high school, he went to the University of Namibia, where he believed he would study what he wanted, but not as a career.

In 2011, Beukes established Geo-Capricorn Mineral Developer to improve the mining conditions of small-scale miners through targeted intervention strategies with a focus on sustainability, safety and environmentally-friendly mining with a budget of N$50,000 to N$100,000.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur from Namibia, but also mentors other entrepreneurs such as Justina Kavale, who now owns her own beauty and cosmetics’ business.
Beukes also was also chosen to be a judge and a mentor at the African Entrepreneurship Award in 2015  

Although life has been kind to Beukes, he admits that it was not a walk in the park trying to get where he is supposed to be.

“The first challenge probably was the confidence to take it to the market. I was scared and unsure of what I have written will have an impact on somebody’s life and whether the professionals or captains of industry would agree with some of my ideas or at least point out the limitations of some of my proposed strategies. “He says.

Some of the minor challenges, he explains, were also getting the book up to publishing standards with regards to English grammar and writing style.

“This was because I was a first-time author and nervous. The various editors I had for the book eventually helped in improving the content and making it more relevant to the market.
The book may still be improved, with a revised edition which incorporates the comments and suggestions that people have made,” he says.

Beukes reveals that he is currently busy with the second edition of New Money Makers, but would not like to be an author as a career, but merely as a hobby as his passion lies more with trying to build people into successful business owners.