By Penda Jonas Hashoongo
April 2016

With Namibia being a key market for Vivo Energy, the organization has embarked on investing heavily in the country over the last three (3) years.

The continued investment, and the expansion, has brought with it the need for the organization to have skilled manpower. The company’s recently inaugurated LaFrenz Training Center (LTC) was born out of the need to curtail this skills gap. As a good corporate citizen, Vivo Energy takes on the responsibility to give back to the communities that have supported its business this far and the development of skills is one of the ways that the company has chosen to do this.

Vivo Energy Namibia (VEN) will extend this opportunity by offering training and industrial attachment opportunities to Namibians interested in pursuing careers and entrepreneurship in the oil industry. This will be coordinated through the company’s communications department and the relevant government bodies. This initiative will not cover those already working with other oil companies as conflict of interest in some cases may arise pursuant to the requirements of the competition act. However, there are those trained from the centre that may choose to work for other oil companies or even become entrepreneurs such as retailers.

The LTC will offer training opportunities for all genders and the company encourages its employees, particularly women, to take advantage of the opportunity to better themselves. Beside the forecourt, Vivo Energy has also recently introduced quick service restaurants which are mostly operated by female employees and they will all go through the centre as VEN expands its footprint.

The organization will, through its communications department, share the training schedule and criteria for selection with all our stakeholders in due course.

 The Shell brand has been in Namibia since 1975 and the aim of this centre is to use the years of operational excellence as the base to impart knowledge on Namibians and equip them with the skills to excel in careers within the oil industry. VEN will use the wide knowledge base provided by local and Vivo Energy Pan African teams as well as, when required, specialized subject matter experts in various fields to ensure high quality knowledge and skills transfer.

VEN will benefit by having knowledgeable and skilled employees and the trainees will have the requisite skills to make them employable in the oil industry or start their own businesses.

The centre is accessible to all our stakeholders across the country. They just have to avail themselves to Windhoek and we will offer the service to them whenever the training is on schedule. For the expansion of the institute to other regions, VEN will assess the success of the LTC and determine the requirement to expand in conjunction with the regulatory authorities.

The LTC will serve as a training ground for young people with the aim of making them employable in the oil industry.  It will also serve as training ground for entrepreneurs who wish to make grounds in the oil industry. The training centre will offer a model of excellence in service delivery and will, therefore, make the industry attractive to young people who want to pursue careers in it.