Executive Chairperson of MobiPay, Amos Shiyuka, has reiterated that the company’s recently conjured-up joint venture with Agano Safi of Tanzania is a testimony that African countries can steer up trade within themselves and cut a growing monopoly created by international trade.

MobiPay is a Namibian company founded in 2009 and licensed by Bank of Namibia in 2010 as a Payment Instrument Issuer, as well as recently Namibia’s first non-bank participant in the national clearing and settlement system. MobiPay is also service provider for mobile wallets, card issuing and acquiring, cardless transactions as well as the market leader in Namibia for Value Added Services (VAS). MobiPay services banks, financial institutions, retailers, corporates and many others.

Agano Safi, meanwhile, is a company duly registered in the Republic of Tanzania with the goal of becoming the default vending and payment service provider in Tanzania. Agano Safi is funded by Tulive Private Equity; a NAMFISA regulated Unlisted Investment Manager, rendering support for strategic expansion of MobiPay into Sub-Sahara Africa.

Speaking to Prime Focus Magazine Shiyuka said, “Definitely this is our vision and it’s time for Africans to trade with each other and stop depending on the rest of the world. Currently, we have narrowed in on a few SADC countries with very advanced negotiations on the table and we are hoping to finalize these discussions soon. We are, however, taking steady steps and moving one step at a time so that we don’t outgrow ourselves in the process.”

“The steady growth within the Namibian market gives us the advantage to venture out into other countries and to provide tailor-made solutions fit for each country. Our aim is to find strategic partners within certain countries and combine efforts to offer innovative solutions that are aimed at financially including the unbanked and banked customers,” Shiyuka explains.

He argues that the untapped African market provides a vibrant expansion opportunity, particularly in established African countries. MobiPay’s drive to improve its footprint in the region comes at a time when constant agitations are being made about South-South Cooperation and a vital need to steer intra-Africa trade if the continent is to achieve economic integration within the foreseeable future.

“As you are aware by now, the Mobile money business concept was started in East Africa and hence the level of participation from the consumers in these parts of Africa is very high, and the opportunities to enter the market are huge. With the economies of scale playing a vital role, we expect to have a steady market share within the first year.”

“We are the first company in the country which implemented a domestic CPA card with in the banking industry in Namibia. MobiPay provides wallet services, wicode solutions, fleet solutions, card solutions, bulk payment solutions and value added service which include electricity, airtime and DSTV just to mention a few,” he says.

The Joint Venture between MobiPay and Agano Safi will now commence with operations after they companies received a Digital Payment Services license.

The licensed services of Agano Safi will allow corporate and private clients to enjoy a fast way of processing digital payments through a system that is widely spread countrywide. Agano Safi will launch MobiPay’s payment system, which is currently offered by MobiPay in other countries in the Southern African region as well.

“A part of our Vision is to grow into Africa with strategic partnerships and provide seamless technological solutions – this opportunity will be one of many that will give us the opportunity to share our technology and innovation with fellow Africans. These opportunities also create a wider footprint for MobiPay and the necessary exposure within the different markets,” he says.
Based on MobiPay’s systems, Agano Safi’s services will also plug into clients’ extensive value chain network to cater for their retail, corporate and institutional needs.
Intensive proprietary market research conducted over the last 3-years by Agano Safi has shown existing gaps, which MobiPay and Agano Safi wish to address with the partnership. These gaps, if left to exist, will continue to be stumbling blocks to public authorities, corporates and institution alike.
Professor Cuthbert Mhilu, the Board Chairperson, was delighted to see Agano Safi entering the market and applauded TCRA for their timely approval and issuance of the license allowing for operations to start.

“The Chairperson and the entire team will leave no stones unturned to make sure that Agano Safi and its technical partner, MobiPay, deliver customized and innovative solutions and service. High commissioner of Namibia to Tanzania, Theresia Samaria, says with a lot of confidence that she acknowledges the partnership between Agano Safi and MobiPay because she believes that it is one that has the potential to create an inter-Africa trade relationship and share imparting.”

Samaria, who spoke at the handover, further noted, “Other firms should also accumulate the foundations that were laid by the founding fathers of Africa who had a dream of bringing Africa together not only to achieve political independence but more so economic.”