Through the passion he bestows on his work, the Development Bank of Namibia’s (DBN) Manager: Investments, Erik de Waal, has managed to transform his career into a model of excellence.

Tasked with structured finance and managing the Bank’s equity investment, de Waal tells Prime Focus Magazine that, “If you aim to excel in business, make sure that you are passionate about your work, then work hard and ensure you maintain a healthy level of agility.”

Although believing that hard work and ability is what takes him through the day, he admits that there are a few challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis. De Waal, who has been with the Bank for almost two years, remains undeterred by challenges in the workplace, opting rather to see them as anecdotes rather than impediments to professional growth.

“My highs usually involve me being energized by a new project with great developmental metrics, successfully concluding an existing transaction or meeting a new client with an exciting new opportunity. The lows, however seldom, typically come as a result of people issues in the form of inflated egos and ignorance.”

With reference to DBN’s contribution to the national agenda, de Waal explains that the positive by products of the Bank’s involvement is immeasurable.

“There is not necessarily one major contribution arising from DBN’s activities, but rather a few notable ones. These are generally in line with our focus, which is aligned to the National Development Plan,” he says.
In terms of sectoral transformation, de Waal opines that the banking sector has now evolved and opened opportunities for individuals from all sorts of backgrounds.

His commitment to professional advancement notwithstanding, de Waal admits that with his unpredictable schedule at work, setting up a balance between his work and personal life has been difficult.