SNOOKER, is a game that The Villager has come to love so much, not that The Villager was trained to play it by anyone professional.

It is a game that has been enjoyed in the townships and villages by those youth who are hoping of one day landing a top class job.

A job that will promote them from collectively sharing a ‘civilised’ drink as opposed to traditional brew.

But even though The Villager will be enjoying the “change of life”, that game will always demand his attention, being it playing or just watching the accuracy and intelligence that is associated with the game.

And whatever The Villager will be doing on that “green table”, his eyes will be more focused on the white ball, making sure that it remains on the table each time a player shoots. In that game, the white ball is the important ball that needs to be handled with extreme care.

Failure means the difference between winning and losing. The Villager has come to master the secret on how he can make effective use of the white ball. It is the king of the table, maybe because it is more visible than any other ball. But one other thing, it is also lighter than all the balls on the table and it moves faster all over the green table.

If one takes it out of the table, one commits a foul, giving the opponent “two solid shots”. This will be a punishment for messing up with the white ball. Take it from The Villager, if you want to be a winner in this game, you should always protect the ‘white ball’.

It’s not The Villager’s place to remind you how Namibia’s independence has made it possible for the inventors of snooker to make more money than their ancestors ever made in the then South West Africa. Flipping the coin, the liberator’s businesses have become white elephants. The inventors of the game are not interested in renting buildings of the liberators.

They build their own structures in the name of malls and get franchises from their cousins from elsewhere. Money to put up the malls is arranged speedily. A municipality being run by liberators prefers to give land to those with readily available cash. Just like in the game of snooker, the white ball just knows how to move with ease and protect its territory. She has rarely put up a front against “the invaders cum intruders.” Putting whom in front? The other balls, including the ‘black ball’.

The ‘white ball’ has a tendency of hitting the majority of balls. These balls are painted in all shapes and colours. Making it difficult to take note of them. Thus they have no capacity to stick out. Nor do they have the capacity to complain. The ‘white ball’ moves freely picking up all sorts of collaborators for the purpose of causing confusion and distrust among them.

The ‘white ball’ even facilitates loans to the liberators without acquainting themselves with the business proposal just to prove a point. The liberators have a way of getting a memory lapse when it matters the most. Any loan you get, you must pay back. Even a grant you pay back by putting the money into good use. Such villagers make it difficult for those who despise the notion that the liberators on their own are useless.

Spectators celebrate either by punching the sky or with a toast, when any other ball is sunk, but they hold their mouth and or punch the walls in frustration when the white ball sinks.

Why it is that negative publicity is not extended to villagers who are making a huge business impact (as opposed to ‘community projects) in their own localities? There is not even an institution set up to award excellence among people from The Villager’s village.

How come it’s not mandatory for line ministries to buy products from companies set up with public funds? Who is watching when people from The Villager’s village are not compromising on quality? Why is it that the opposite of all the above questions are highlighted? Your guess is good as mine. The Villager relies on your creativity for the answer.

Back to the game, without the ‘white ball’ there is no game. Even if it is sunk into one of the six pockets around the green table, it will come back into play and will be shot from a special marked area, with the shooter having ‘two solid shots’. He-he-he! the other balls have only one chance to be on the green table. Once they are sunk, they will only come back into play upon the use of a token or simply “One Rand”….Oops!

The new tables are only taking Namibian dollar, that one with an eagle on it. Without that one dollar, you will not be able to see the supremacy of the ‘white ball’. The Villager wonders how it is in your village.

Because the white ball is the main important ball in this game, it is the one used to shoot ‘all the balls,’ big or small. Mind you, real players of this game have mastered the way to position the ‘white ball’ if you want to be a winner.

One has to hit it with a particular measure of strength, accuracy and great care, otherwise spectators will be quick to tell you that your weakness is the inability to manage the ‘white ball’.

After one has sunk all the balls, the “black” one is the last shot one will have. “You haven’t won until you sink the black ball,” says one beverage advert. But don’t forget the supremacy of the white ball. At the end of the game, the white ball must remain on the green table for one to be announced the winner. Sink both the white and the black ball and the spectators will tell you that you have committed suicide, why? Because you have disrespected the white ball. And if you disrespect the white ball then you will lose the game. The white ball is truly supreme.

But maybe one day, the liberators will replace the ‘white ball’ with the ‘black ball’ and make sure that the black ball will remain on the green table after the game. Will we still be able to enjoy the game with the black ball being supreme?

That, The Villager is not sure about, because it was drilled into liberators that anything nice is white and anything evil is black. It has been drilled into villagers that white can’t be bad and black can’t be good. Even the way villagers talk has condemned the black colour so to speak. Black is used as an adjective on anything negative, black magic, black spirit, black night, black cat …black man.

As for the supreme colour,……white wedding, white angel, white flag, white horse, white house,....white man.

Rule number one in chess, the ‘whites’ always have the first move. It’s their right.

Thus until further notice, the best way to learn the trick of being involved in the economy be it mining, manufacturing, service provision including media, is to learn the game from each other. The white ball should stop demanding respect from the black ball.

By now you know you cannot win by sinking both the black and the white ball. It calls for concentration to win the game. Aimless shots are not helpful at all. Any blink of the eye, people from far away will take over the mining, retail or construction. The white ball knows its way around the table.

It reminds The Villager of a popular saying, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. Instead of pushing, just pull. Instead of complaining, just solve the problem. Instead of crying, just start smiling. Instead of loneliness, just have togetherness. Clearly this is not the game of one. Namibians need to work together, in order to achieve together, and collective prosperity is guaranteed. Remember, what is small is the shirt you are putting on. The small plate of food can be shared amongst the villagers. What’s the latest in your village? PF